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Who We Are

Mosaic Vermont, a 501c3 non profit agency, is Washington’s County’s sexual violence prevention and response agency. We are a small team of dedicated staff and volunteers located in the heart of Barre, Vermont.

Mosaic Vermont’s mission is to heal communities and end sexual violence. We envision a world with resilient communities, free of sexual/gender-based violence, where all people are supported in healing from harm.

Mosaic was founded in 1984 as the Sexual Assault Crisis Team of Washington County (SACT). SACT was the first organization in Vermont to have specialized sexual violence response services and shelter for people who were male and/or LGBTQ+, and received international recognition for work done to serve those traditionally left out of sexual and domestic violence response services.

In 2020, SACT became Mosaic Vermont, Inc., marking a powerful period of transition in our work. This new chapter began a redoubling of our commitment to provide services that are approachable, intersectional, trauma informed, using best practice, preventative, and person-centered.

A mosaic is an art form created by taking small pieces of material, typically stones or tiles, and arranging them into patterns or images. In a mosaic, each piece of material may not be beautiful by itself, or even match the other materials, but when the piece finds its place in the mosaic, it becomes a critical and valuable part of something wonderful and whole. In renaming ourselves Mosaic Vermont, we are recognizing that all parts of ourselves and our community are beautiful, valuable, and important. Our work is the practice of recognizing the pieces of ourselves and others that have been harmed and finding a place where those pieces can make us shine.

Land Acknowledgment

Before It Was Called Vermont, This Land Was and Is Ndakinna. Acknowledging [the History of] the Land that Mosaic Vermont Occupies.

Ndakinna is Abenaki for “our land,” and at Mosaic, we recognize that the land we live and work on is the traditional homeland of the Abenaki peoples. We understand that the state of Vermont, and the United States as we know them, were founded in a more-than five hundred year process of violent colonization and land theft. As an organization committed to ending sexual violence and building safer communities, we believe it is crucial to acknowledge the history of the place we work and recognize that our long term work of ending sexual violence is inextricably connected to justice for Indiginous people. We know that acknowledging the history of genocide and land theft is not enough. Healing this foundational wound will be a long term, collective process that requires truth telling, reconciliation with the past, and the rematriation of land, wealth, and power to the communities it was stolen from. We aim to be humble and to continue to learn, as an organization and as individuals, how to support Abenaki tribal sovereignty and decolonization as elements of our work.

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Meet The Staff

Anne Ward, M.Ed. (she/her or they/them)

photo of anne ward

Executive Director

Anne Ward, M.Ed. is the Executive Director of Mosaic Vermont. She is committed to a lifestyle of least harm and most good, and believes in a community where all people are safe and valued. Anne has worked with people who have experienced sexual harm for more than a decade and has trained and educated teachers, foster and adoptive parents, parents, grandparents, and caregivers, child care providers, medical and law enforcement professionals, and more, in sexual abuse prevention and healthy relationships. With a Master’s of Education in Humane Education, Anne seeks to be a person who is able to identify inhumane, unjust, and unsustainable systems, listen for the strengths in the community, and help generate change.

Mary (she/her)

photo of mary mackie

Director of Advocacy

Mary has a degree in Sociology and Anthropology from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia where she concentrated on Criminal Justice and Gender Studies. Her specialty lies in exploring the history and role that sexual harm plays in society to better understand how these systemic structures of inequality and harm can be broken. She comes to Mosaic as a Community Advocate working with the intersections of sexual violence and homelessness. She hopes to empower those impacted in the community to find again their freedom of choice and autonomy in their own bodies. After work you can find Mary baking something new every day!

Lenna (she or they)

photo of Lenna Wertenbaker

RPE Program Coordinator

Lenna’s work centers the complexity of human relationships, a deep belief in our capacity to heal and grow, and an ongoing commitment to environmental and social justice. She has an educational and professional background in clinical herbalism, environmental studies, trauma-informed group facilitation, physiology instruction, and various embodiment practices. As an advocate with Mosaic, Lenna wants to support people to find new possibilities, increase their sense of self-determination, and access hope and joy. She believes our stories are worth finding and telling. In her personal life, Lenna lives for the wild beauty of the natural world, dance, Playback Theater, and community.

Helpline Team


The Mosaic helpline is staffed by a variety of very part time staff and volunteers. Call (802) 479-5577 to speak with one of our advocates!

Open Position(s)

Social Change Coordinator

Board of Directors


Volunteering with Mosaic can take a variety of forms! Some volunteer opportunities include significant training while others help us manage the day-to-day operations.

Mosaic hosts training for advocates twice annually! Please contact to learn more about volunteering, or visit our sign-up page to share your interests in volunteering.

Our Strategic Plan

Mosaic Vermont is thrilled to share our July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2025 Strategic Plan! This plan aims to guide our work in becoming a more proactive, collaborative, engaged, and sustainable organization.

The goals in this plan will allow Mosaic Vermont to further its mission by supporting the healing of each person and community that has been impacted by sexual violence, proactively engaging in culture-changing work, keeping itself a healthy and sustainable organization, and integrating both presence and programming throughout all of Washington County.

Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Contact Us

We are located in Barre and our office hours for phone calls and scheduled appointments are Monday through Friday 9 am to 4 pm.

If you have questions about us, are interested in our services, or want to schedule a meeting, give us a call at 802-476-1388.

To speak with an advocate any time, call our 24-hour helpline at 802-479-5577.